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Create secure, wireless, high-speed, collaborative network environments with shared servers and printers, in one office or among many

Produce highly effective presentations via intelligent website design (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), PowerPoint, Keynote, Acrobat presentations, business/project proposals through our media division

Implement robust databases and contact/schedule managers (FileMaker Pro, MySQL, NowContact, Entourage, Address Book), and show you how to get the most out of them

Upgrade Mac systems to the latest version of OS X, upgrade application programs, memory and hard drives, give more life to your Macs!

Disaster preparedness of a different sort: set up dependable data backup and archive systems; continue to operate within hours after a system failure or catastrophe

Just get the whole d*mned operation to go faster, stop crashing, and work better!

We're also a provider of high speed internet access to businesses through our partnership with MegaPath Networks, providers of the best high-speed DSL service available!

Computers are so commonplace today that we often assume they're helping us simply by virtue of their being there. But are they helping? What happens when something's not working right? Your internet connection isn't fast enough... The document you need is on someone else's computer... You accidentally deleted an important file... You're still using version 3 of that program, and someone just sent you a file in version 6... How helpful are your computers then?

These are not new questions. But it's astounding how much time can be consumed working around some aspect of a computer system that's not working right. These workarounds are time bandits, robbing us of a precious resource that is already in too-short supply.

That's where we come in. Bitsworld Consulting brings a long history of creating innovative, effective and cost-conscious solutions to you, the artist, the designer, the creative department, the small business, the not-for-profit organization. We do this by listening and understanding what you're trying to do, and how you're trying to do it, so we can make it work better. At one extreme, this might mean building a whole new network of computers, servers and printers, connected wirelessly, with broadband connections (cable/DSL) between remote offices. It might mean producing a dynamic website or PowerPoint presentation to show your potential clients what you're all about. It might mean creating a robust database of your goods, able to be updated and researched locally or via the web.

Or it might just mean running a few utility programs, tweaking your system, fixing a small software problem. We cater to your needs and budgets, and can do full system implementations or little fixes, as needed. In short, we allow your computer systems to become your silent partners, letting you do the talking, supporting your efforts, not talking back.

Let's Do It!
Available to work either on a project-by-project basis or daily, weekly, monthly, as needed. We're able to work on-site or off-site, and we're conveniently located in Chelsea. You'll find our rates to be competitive and our communication and attention to detail second to none. We are particularly sensitive to the issues of small businesses and not-for-profit organizations, and have special rates for these types of companies.

Please contact Keith Gardner to arrange for a meeting to discuss your needs. You'll be relieved to find what can be done when the best minds – yours and ours – are put to the task!
For more info or to schedule a visit:

Keith Gardner
Bitsworld Consulting
445 W 23rd St, Suite 17A
New York, NY 10011

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